Prop 1 Plan Update Underway

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According to Proposition 1, California’s Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act, to qualify for IRWM funding in 2018, regions must examine how climate change, tribal governance and presence of specific toxins influence local water decision-making processes. An update to our Plan, therefore, is currently underway that will make our current plan compliant with California’s 2016 standards.

Diverse stakeholder input into the Plan Update is invited. Interested parties are welcome to participate in the following ways:

  • Submit research and relevant data to ensure a robust literature review;
  • Provide maps and images that illustrate the character of our watersheds;
  • Attend the Plan Update workshop in May;
  • Commit time for document review and comment.

Draft chapters will be ready for review by early May, and the draft document in its entirety, should be ready for review by late May 2018.  To submit research, volunteer as a reviewer and/or attend the Plan Update workshop in late spring, send an email to

Once complete, the update will position McCloud, Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta to submit a competitive grant proposal in the 2018 IRWM funding round.  

Upcoming Meetings

Quarterly Spring Meeting – May/June 2018
Plan Update Workshop – May/June 2018

Bryce Craig